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The Peach Fuzz Hash House Harriers

The Peach Fuzz Hash House Harriers remains Augusta, Georgia's premiere "drinking club with a running problem," hashing every Wednesday night without fail brandishing a lucky 13 years on both sides of the Savannah River – in the five or six counties around Augusta, Georgia and North Augusta, SC. We run a mix of long shiggy trails, pub crawls, and sometimes we let our novice hares give it a shot...we’re like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get…but you’ll end up with something yummy in your mouth!

The Peach Fuzz Hash House Harriers was founded on June 9, 2000 in North Augusta, SC at the infamous Highlander Pub and conducted its first run on June 10, 2000. The PFH3's founders combined their hashing experiences in Korea, Okinawa, AZ, SC, NC, VA, and HI to formulate the characteristics of the Peach Fuzz Hash H3. Founding members include Puppy Cakes (Kellygirl), Baglady, Butt First, Piece of Tail, Eager Beaver, No more Pussy, Leave Her for Beaver (It's Too Big, I'm Bleeding).

The name "Peach Fuzz" comes from a combination of innuendos. Peaches have a number of connotations, all of them deliciously edible. Peaches are also one of the things that Georgia is known for, and of course, peaches have a fine fuzz to them.  Hashers have also gone through a stage in their life where they also sported peach fuzz in certain regions of their bodies. Some of those areas we still refer to as peaches; and lest we forget, those hashers who have become more deft with a razor can still relive those peach fuzz days of old.


Grand Mattress: Homeless Hole Hunter
Religious Advisor: Shits Like This / Dildo McBaggins
Beermeister:  Passion of the Dumbass, backed up by the hares of the run
Hareraiser: Shitz Like This
Hash Cash: Beermeister
Haberdasher: What a Long Strange Dick It's Been
Webmaster: Drama Queen Bitch

Non-MisManagement Positions:

Hash Ambassawhore: We are all ambassawhores of our hash
Hash Scribe:  None currently, backed up by the rest of the hash
Song Bird: Any named Peach Fuzz hasher (Be Ready)
Head Giver: Chosen at circle by the RA
Hash Flash: Any wanker with a camera
Flag Bearer: ???
Hash Husher: We have enough hash respect not to need one 
Planning Committee:  MisManagement
Hash Birthday:  9 June 2000
Red Dress Date:  Wednesday before Halloween
Special Event & Date: Green Jacket Run, Masters Week

Past GM's:  Puppycakes 2000-2005; Pixel Dick 2005-2006; Queen La Queefa/Chicken Fried Butt Sex 2006-2009, O, Bozo, Where Art Thou? 2009-2013, Chainsaw Masochist 2013-2016 Roofies Taste Like Almonds 2016, Homeless Hole Hunter 2016 - present

Past RA's:  Puppycakes 2000-2006, Choice of a New Penetration 2006, Puppycakes/PapSmear 2007-2009, Bladder Splatter 2009-2010, FIstful of Fags, 2010-2013, Trail of Snail 2013-2015, Dildo McBaggins 2015-Present

Founders:  Puppy Cakes (Kellygirl), Baglady, Butt First, Piece of Tail, Eager Beaver, No more Pussy, Leave her for Beaver (It's Too Big, I'm Bleeding).

What is Hashing?
Hash House Harrier Press Kit

Peachy Playing with Himself, by Puppycakes, GM Emeritus