Trail # 1184 Wednesday Nov. 20th, 2019

Trail # 1184 Freeze Off Your Peach Fuzz

Wednesday, Nov. 20th, 2019 6:30pm show, 7:00pm go

Location: Dildo McBaggins Abode (ask around for directions)

Hare: Dildo McBaggins

Get ready for some shiggy on this cold winter day. Theme is Peach Fuzz!! Wear all of your peach fuzz gear to celebrate us not having any fuzz downstairs.

What else to bring : 5 dollars hash cash, a thirst for beer and any virgins you can wrangle up.

Trail # 1172 Revenge of the blondesWednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Location: 13 8th St. Augusta, GA
Bubbles and Mouth

What better trail to go on for a sunny day than a Bubbles and Mouth Trail!

Be sure to sport your blonde wig and or hair upstairs and downstairs to get this summer started!

What else to bring : 5 blond doll hairs, a thirst for beer and of course the virgins to initiate to our cause.

Don’t forget your Trojan!! - Wednesday Apr. 24th, 2019

Trail # 1170 Don’t forget your Trojan!!

Location: 13 8th St. Augusta, GA
Hare: H. Hooker - our fearless campaign leader!

1184 BC - The Greeks invade Troy using the infamous Trojan horse!

We shall invade downtown Augusta in the same fashion! Dress in your best toga, armor and don’t forget the Trojan condoms! Prepare your battle cries as we will pound the pavement as if we’re going to war!

What else to bring : 5 drachmas, your sword and shield, and all the virgins to sacrifice to the war god Ares!

Trail #1166 Time for Masters...... BaTiOn

Your drunken harriettes will be 🥁 : Please put a Cock in my Mouth and yours truly, Regurgitated Cum Bubble

Location: circle up at 630 in the parking lot of the highlander

What to bring: 5 doll hairs, glitter bombs, 2 balls and one cup, Shiggy socks recommended, cranium lamps if you wanks wanna see, virgins, and a thirst for beeerrrrrssss!

More cumminnggggg 💦

Less than a month away!!

Don't forget to rego!! It's going to be epic!

Allright everybody, deadline to rego is 11:59 March 22nd!! We are going to have prizes, crown a king and queen of the campout so be sure to dress to impress!!

Rego gets you 3 and a half trails, cool swag, beer and food the entire weekend, memories to last a lifetime (possibly depending on how much you party), karyoke, dancing into the night and an honest to god masters greenjacket golf tournament!!